“A genetic condition contributed to an early menopause at age 36-37.  Due to this condition, I have experienced severe physical symptoms which has affected my relationships.  I have tried other treatments such as estrogen creams and lubricants, with no relief.  With VRS, I started to see results within 3-4 applications.  Now that I am able to get the physical symptoms addressed, I can focus on the psychological aspects of my condition.” – OB GYN in Houston, TX
“I didn’t even know that the VRS was out there on the market.  If not for my eye doctor, Dr. Cohen, I never would have heard of it. But by using the VRS, my body has become “normal” again.  Not as dry in that sensitive area as it used to be. The application is also very easy to use and all natural, so no hormones. I would definitely recommend the VRS to any women of any age dealing with vaginal dryness. This product has a quick response time and made me feel like a woman again! Thank you!” – Jennifer M in Arizona.